PlayStation State of Play 2022 Date, Time, Reveals, and Everything We Know So Far

The first PlayStation State of Play 2022 could be just over the proverbial horizon, insider Tom Henderson says. It's not exactly the most shocking news. Once the calendar rolls around to January once more, speculation almost instantly begins about when Sony and Nintendo will hold their first major showcases of the year, and it almost always happens in January or February.

What's more interesting is the timing, which raises some questions about what Sony may have in store for summer and beyond this year. Here's what we know so far.

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PlayStation State of Play 2022 Date

The first State of Play in 2021 aired February 25. Henderson believes this year's will also take place in February, and an end-of-month date seems likely. It's after Horizon Forbidden West releases and gives Sony a chance to start generating excitement for other games, including Gran Turismo 7, which has received comparatively little marketing up to now.

State of Play 2022 Time

The timing is less certain, though Sony does tend to prefer late afternoon EST presentations. We expect something similar with this showcase as well.

PlayStation State of Play 2022 Games

Sony is keeping a tight lid on what games they might have to show at the first State of Play this year. Henderson teased Hogwarts Legacy as one of them, but it could also include anything ranging from Final Fantasy XVI to a number of smaller, as-yet unannounced games.

We know comparatively little about Hogwarts Legacy, aside from when it takes place, and Square Enix already said they plan to show more of FFXVI sometime in the spring, following unexpected delays due to Covid-19.

With PS VR 2 set to release sometime this year as well, we'd be surprised if Sony didn't also set aside a few minutes for its launch games, such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

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