Final Fantasy 16 Delay Confirmed, Next Reveal in Early 2022

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Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 development has been delayed and fans can expect the next reveal to arrive in early 2022. As you might imagine, the developers also confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the development of this new title.

According to the official Square Enix Twitter account, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has apologized to the fans looking forward for the game's next announcement. Originally, the developers intended to showcase something this year, however, this next announcement has been shelved.

Yoshida confirmed that internal development problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with work-from-home setups hampering workflows and causing the team to miss key dates. For now, Yoshida has confirmed that the Final Fantasy 16 team is working on getting development back on track in 2022.

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Final Fantasy 16 is currently a PlayStation 5 exclusive but we may hear more details about this game's platforms soon by early 2022.

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