PS5 UK Stock April: Smyths update launching before Game and Amazon

The PlayStation 5 launched last year in 2020 and is still suffering from shortage issues in the UK and Europe.

However, the wait may be over for some with news of a restock coming this month.

Smyths Restock 

It seems Smyths will be restocking PS5's before other retailers like Amazon and Game

We can expect the next-gen consoles to be available again this month from the Smyths Toys site, however, there is no confirmed date as of yet. 

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With such high demmand all across Europe it has been hard to grab one for yourself. Maybe this restock will be your opportunity to finally get your hands on the next PlayStation.

Other Retailers 

Other retailers like Amazon, Game and Argos are all expected to have restocks shortly as well but there is also no date given for these sites either. 

If you're outside the UK, you may have national retailers who are supplying the new console, but for now it seems we'll have to wait for Smyths to restock.

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The Xbox Series X console (competitor to the PS5) hasn't had the shortage issues that hit the PlayStation at launch. For those looking to get a next-gen console ASAP, we recommend waiting for the Smyths restock, or looking into the new Xbox.

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