PS5 Slim: Will Sony Release A PlayStation 5 Slim? If They Did, It Could Look Something Like This

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The PS5 launch is just around the corner with two weeks to go.

Many PlayStation players have voiced their concern over how chunky and big the new console is.


With the Xbox Series S being created, a smaller more affordable console might we see something similar with the PS5?

Well, a Dutch 3D designer may have the answer to fans prayers.

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PS5 Slim Concept

Jermaine Smit is a 3D Designer from the Netherlands.


So far all we have seen in terms of PS5 versions are the standard and digital ones, but what about a more compact version?

Over the years, Sony has been known to release another version after the initial launch, Smit has offered up a concept of how it may look.

He used the current design to derive from and began focusing on the most widespread issues with the community.

The PS5 is so damn big! Along with that, it's pretty finicky to lay it on its side.


To do so you have to fiddle about with the stand, which you can read more about here.

The abstract curves of the next-gen console look great but in practice aren't the best.

Check out Jermaine Smits concept below!



Source: Concept Creator Youtube Channel