Modder Turns Original PlayStation 2 Into Working PC

What if the PS2 were a PC?

That’s what modder John Wong asked himself, and he answered by turning one of his favourite consoles into a working, portable PC.

Wong recently spoke with the lovely folks at Stealth Optional about the process and why he wanted to do it.

He took an original, or “phat,” PlayStation 2 unit, and not just because he liked the way it looked.

Wong said:

“I found this concept very interesting because, first of all, it reminds me of my childhood memories. [The PS2] was the second console that was given to me by my father when I was a child. I think it’s the best way to showcase it.”

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Modder Turns Original PlayStation 2 Into Working PC

Wong’s PS2 PC uses a Ryzen 5 2400G on a B450i AORUS Pro motherboard, plus 16GB of TeamGroup T-Force Night Hawk RAM and a 250GB SSD.

It’s not the most powerful setup — it won’t play the latest games and certainly couldn’t handle Resident Evil Village, for example — but that’s not a problem for Wong.

He uses it as an all-purpose entertainment device, something that can play games and movies or even just copy files.

“It’s the convenience of carrying it with you whenever you will go: to a LAN party at your friend’s, or your family’s,” Wong said.

That convenience came at a cost, though.

Wong said cable management and packing everything into such a small space was the most difficult part of the project.

“We have cramped space here below and we need to compress everything just to fit,” he said. “Actually, it’s my very first time working on a small form factor build. I usually create projects that are large.”

Speaking of other projects, Wong is already looking to the future.

“I have so many thoughts in my mind, but probably I will also work on a sleeper build to complete our retro theme,” Wong said. “[After that], we’ll probably push through our Threadripper build very soon.”

[Source: Stealth Optional]

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