Does PS5 3D Audio Work With Any Headphones?

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When Sony revealed its PS5 3D Audio technology, many PlayStation fans wondered whether it would work with any headsets, or if it was only compatible with specific headphones.

The PS5's 3D Audio has already made a splash with its performance in countless PS5 games. If you want to experience this with a high-quality gaming headset that's not the PULSE 3D headset, any decision by Sony to restrict its 3D Audio could be frustrating.

So with that in mind, which headsets are compatible with the PS5's 3D Audio?

Does PS5 3D Audio work with any headphones?

Yes, the PS5 3D Audio is compatible with any stereo-based headsets or earphones. The technology used to create the audio soundscape comes from the PS5, rather than the headphones.

This is in contrast to the PS4's 3D Audio setup. This required an official Sony Platinum or Sony Gold headsets to function.

However, there is a slight caveat. While every headset supports PS5 3D Audio, the PS5 does not support every headset. Wireless headsets that use Bluetooth are not compatible with the PS5 (or Xbox Series X), aside from specific first-party options, such as the PULSE 3D. To use these headsets, you'll need a Bluetooth transmitter.

Do you need the PS5 headset for 3D Audio?

The PS5 PULSE 3D headset is not required for 3D Audio, although Sony notes there are benefits unique to its new PlayStation 5 headphones, aside from matching the aesthetic of the PS5 console.

According to Sony, the PULSE 3D is "engineered to take full advantage of PS5’s 3D Audio capabilities". It's also the only official headset that offers wireless support without the need for a third-party adapter.

Regardless, to experience the immersive gameplay that comes with 3D Audio - something Xbox players can also experience with Dolby Atmos - the PULSE 3D is not a necessary purchase.

How do I get 3D sound on my PS5?

Once you've connected your compatible PS5 headset, you can choose your 3D Audio Profile in the PS5 Settings. If you select the Sound menu, and then the Audio Output section, you will then be able to Enable 3D Audio.

After this, we'd recommend selecting the Adjust 3D Audio option. Here, you can choose one of five unique Audio Profiles. We can't give you our recommendation here, however, as the best setup is unique to each person.

It is worth noting that if you don't have any headphones connected to the PS5, you won't be able to use the 3D Audio technology. Even if you have an amazing speaker setup, the PS5's 3D Audio only works with headphones. Sony has promised speaker support in the future.

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