Best Bluetooth adapters for TV 2023

best bluetooth adapter for tv

best bluetooth adapter for tv

The best Bluetooth adapters for TV can help you sort your audio out with a lot more ease.

Bluetooth adapters, put simply, allow you to pair wireless headphones or speakers to your TV. You plug the adapter into the TV itself and then pair your device with it.

This is great for getting around the fact that consoles like the PS5 don't officially support Bluetooth.

Some of these Bluetooth adapters double up as receivers, which will allow them to receive a signal from a device of your choice. For example, you would plug your wired headphones into the receiver, connect a tablet with Spotify on it to the receiver via Bluetooth, and then you can listen to your music through your headphones!

Good signal is important here, but so is a low latency, a good range, and ease of use. We've considered all of these things and picked out the best Bluetooth adapters for TV for you below.

Best Bluetooth adapters for TV 

1. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

Best Bluetooth adapter for TV

Best Bluetooth Adapter All-roubder
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This low latency Bluetooth adapter from TaoTronics is a relatively affordable choice for most people looking to connect their wireless headsets or speakers to their TV.

It's low latency, has Bluetooth 5.0, and can be paired with two Bluetooth receivers, although low latency does not support its dual-link mode.

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And if you were worried about losing sound quality, fear not, as this device has an audio codec that boasts an uncompromising audio experience.

Add that to a 10m range, built-in battery for up to 10 hours of use, and the TaoTronics receiver/transmitter function too, and you're getting some serious bang for your buck.

2. Avantree Oasis Plus

Best smart Bluetooth adapter for TV

Avantree Oasis Plus
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Credit: Avantree

We think that the feature-rich Avantree Oasis Plus is another excellent Bluetooth adapter for TV.

One of the standout features of this adapter is the 'Dual-link' function. This allows for two pairs of Bluetooth headphones or speakers to be connected at the same time with audio playing through both devices simultaneously.

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It can also be used as both a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver and offers a handy control panel with status lights on the top of the device.

The Avantree Oasis Plus also boasts widespread compatibility thanks to its wireless, Optical, 3.5mm jack, and RCA ports.

3. TaoTronics Wireless Audio Adapter

Best wireless Bluetooth adapter for TV

Best Bluetooth Adapter
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Another way to go from the folks at TaoTronics is this wireless Bluetooth adapter.

As with the previous entry, it boasts Bluetooth 5.0 and low latency and can act as a transmitter and receiver, but the difference is that you have some more flexibility in how you can connect to your TV, be it through a 3.5mm audio jack or digital optical jack.

Asides from that, it has an impressive battery life of 24 hours on a single charge and is one of the better looking Bluetooth adapters we've seen at this price range.

If you're after a bit more flexibility when it comes to connection, but want to stick to a budget, this TaoTronics adapter could be a good way to go.

4. Mpow Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver

Best budget Bluetooth adapter for TV

Best Bluetooth Adapter
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This Mpow Bluetooth transmitter-receiver is quite similar to the first TaoTronics adapter on our list and even comes in at roughly the same price.

It's small, compact, and super portable, packing a built-in battery that can last up to 14 hours of use and has a substantial 10m connection radius.

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It also features a dual connection, which frees up the potential of watching the same movie with two headsets for example, and of course, acts as both a transmitter and receiver. 

For the price, the Mpow Bluetooth transmitter-receiver is a great-looking piece of kit too!

5. Avantree Orbit Bluetooth 5.0 Audio

Best premium Bluetooth adapter for TV

Best Bluetooth Adapter
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If you're after a more premium solution for your TV setup, then it could be worth checking out the Avantree Orbit.

Boasting wide compatibility with a number of TV models, this plug and play device is easy to use and features a number of onboard controls thanks to its size and tabletop setup.

It's also equipped with aptX Low Latency technology, long-range connection thanks to its two internal antennae, and it's compatible with Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services.

The Avantree Orbit is seemingly straightforward and packed full of easy to use features, and still relatively affordable.

So there you have it, some of our top picks that are available right now. Be sure to check back in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add Bluetooth to my TV?

Yes, but mostly with these devices. Some TVs will have Bluetooth as standard, but for those that don't, these adapters will allow you to connect your devices far more easily.

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