Destruction AllStars Is Getting a Major Revamp in January

Destruction AllStars didn't have a strong start earlier this year. Initially planned as a PS5 launch title, Lucid Games' vehicular combat game saw mixed critical reception back in February after a small delay, though the developers haven't given up on it just yet.

Announced through the game's subreddit, Lucid revealed a major update's arriving on January 26th, 2022, completely refining Destruction AllStars' presentation. Refreshing the main menu to improve navigation, that'll better empathise who's in your party, outstanding challenges, and in-game actions are more clearly pronounced for greater visual impact.

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Destruction AllStars Is Getting a Major Revamp in January

Post match screens are also been revised, showing how your total XP was earned during a match "much faster" and breaking that down into relevant sections. According to Lucid, that'll show players "where you need to focus" for the next match, providing you're chasing XP.

Finally, Lucid confirms they've made a "substantial change" to the game’s Wreckognition system. While they'll offer more details closer to launch, that'll change "the way you earn your Hero Vehicle and AllStar Breaker." You can find out more in the Reddit post above, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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