Destruction AllStars Future Plans Include Online Bots, Improved Slams, And Global Parties

Lucid Games has detailed its plans for future updates to Destruction AllStars, which include new features and updates and improvements to existing mechanics.

Writing on Reddit, the team reveal that they will be bringing global parties to the game in future, allowing you to queue into Solo and Team modes.

The biggest new feature mentioned here though is the addition of Online Bots, which will be used to fill out slots in matches as the game regularly has peak times and periods with lower play counts.

The peaks happen at around 5 pm to 11 pm UK time during weekdays, and 3 pm to 2 am UK time on the weekend.

These bots will appear in all modes, except the competitive Blitz mode.

Finally, Lucid Games list some other improvements they are looking into. Slams will be seeing an improvement to make them more rewarding and responsive. Ghost Hits are being looked into and balancing tweaks are also being considered and implemented.

There is no word on when these changes will arrive, with this update serving as a note to the community, so they are aware of what is coming in the months ahead.

Recently, the game received a photo mode in an update that can be used in offline modes against the computer.

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