Black PS5 Edition: 2021 Release Date For dbrand's Black PlayStation 5 Console Faceplates

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When the PS5 was unveiled, most players had the same instant reaction to its design.



Fans of the design are certainly in the minority and many were wishing they could get either an all-black or all-white version.

Now those prayers may have been answered!

If you want an all-black PS5, with a little help from dbrand, here’s how to get one!

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Don’t Buy PS5 Skins

About a month ago dbrand put out a rather candid Reddit post explaining that they were cancelling PS5 wrap around skins.

As explained here, they believed that their customers wouldn’t be able to correctly install them, and would get angry about it.


Lost in the darkness

If they made the skins not wrap around, and therefore way easier to apply, their customers wouldn’t get a great end result as you’d still see plenty of white poking out.

As they put it, “Ultimately, our goal was to collect enormous sums of money in exchange for satisfying the consumer demand of making the PlayStation 5 not-white.”

“The product we’re confident you can apply doesn’t deliver on that promise. The product you have no chance of applying comes much closer to delivering on that promise, but again - serves no purpose if the vast majority of you assholes can’t apply it properly.”


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Not quite good enough

Though, dbrand’s plan to tell people to not buy PS5 skins has now been revealed.


They want to sell PS5 Faceplates instead!

In a new Reddit announcement the company announced that rather than selling skins, they will be selling complete replacements for the PS5’s white faceplates.

If you want to be notified of when stock becomes available in 2021, follow the link here.

Though we don’t know when they’ll be released, as dbrand put it “If CD Projekt RED has taught us anything, it's that selling products before they're finished is a bad idea.”