Why Is PS5 Better Than Xbox Series X? Microsoft Investigating

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Microsoft is trying to work out why the Xbox Series X is being outperformed by the PS5.

While on paper the 12 Teraflops and better hardware of the Xbox should demolish Playstation’s 10.28 Teraflops, that hasn’t been the case when tested.


Digital Foundry, as reported on by The Verge, discovered that many games like Devil May Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can run unexplainably better on the PS5.

Now Microsoft is on the case, what problems will they find that will explain their system lagging?

Is it worth grabbing a PS5 for the best console experience?


Why Is PS5 Performing Better?

There is probably a simple answer to this one for now, time.

Developers reportedly had PS5 kits well in advance of Xbox Series X versions, so they have had more time to design their games for Sony’s device.

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This could then just mean that developers didn’t have enough time to optimise their games for Xbox Series X effectively.

Digital Foundry editor Richard Leadbetter perhaps backed this up, saying that the Xbox GPU, “is being held back by something.”

Perhaps this is poor optimisation, though there is also the potential that the Xbox Series X is erroneously running useless tasks in the background during gameplay, which means the user experience dips.


Is the PS5 the Better Console?

Honestly, it’s not for us to say. Especially not right now barely a month into next-gen.

For now, the PS5 has the edge for how games play, but given a little more time Xbox Series X will almost certainly pull ahead given the underlying hardware in their machine. 

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After that, it’ll be up to players to decide which console they prefer!

Those looking to play a library of older games may prefer the Series X, which is outperforming PS5 for those games.

Whereas fans of Spider-man and proven high-quality exclusives will certainly prefer PS5!

Though which ever you pick, we’re sure you’ll love gaming on it!