Pokemon Go: The Best Power Bank Deals for 4th Anniversary Event

With all these new Pokémon announcements that have dropped over the past week, it’s easy to forget that it’s an exciting time for Pokémon Go players.

Not only were Mega Evolutions teased in the first Pokémon Presents showcase, but the 4th Anniversary event is kicking off with weekly challenges that will unlock rewards for the Pokémon Go Fest scheduled for late July.

With all these new events and challenges coming to the game, you could be spending hours at a time outside catching and training new Pokémon to complete the tasks. Combine this with the intense, Mt. Pyre-like heat in the UK at the moment, and your phone will be draining battery faster than Pokémon fans turned on The Pokémon Company after Diamond and Pearl remakes weren’t announced.

We’ve put together the best power bank deals, so you’ll be able to keep playing without worrying about your battery!

Save £15 on this best-selling Anker Power Bank

I don’t think I’ve seen any other Amazon products with as high a rating as this Anker Power Bank, currently sitting at 4.8/5.

You don’t need the rating to see how fantastic this power bank is, as its features speak for itself.

The Anker Power Bank can hold a colossal 26800mAh of power, which is enough to charge a phone six times over, and at twice the speed as a standard portable charger. It also comes with three USB ports meaning you and your friends can all charge at the same time.

This power bank was originally £50.99 which, for the high-quality charging it promises, is already a decent price. However, this deal on Amazon will offer you the Anker Power Bank for only £35.99- an absolute bargain.

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CLICK HERE TO BUY:Anker PowerCore 26800- £35.99


LIGHTNING DEAL- Buy this compact Anker Portable Charger for under £10

Once again, this power bank comes from Anker- one of the most respected and trusted portable charger creators out there.

If you can’t justify spending £35.99 on a portable charger, Anker’s Astro E1 portable charger is available for just £9.99. Don’t let the price fool you, though. It still is a quality product has enough power to fully charge your phone twice over.

I’ve had this portable charger for a few years now (although it cost a lot more when I bought it), and the best thing about it is the size. Anker perfectly describes it as “the size of a small candy bar” as it easily fits in your pocket right next to your phone, meaning you don’t need to haul a bag around everywhere to support your charger.

If you’re interested in the Astro E1, you best make your purchase quickly as this flash sale is set to expire at 9 PM BST and over 50% have already been claimed!

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CLICK HERE TO BUY:Anker Astro E1- £9.99

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