Trevenant Comes to Pokemon Unite As a Defender

Treveant is coming to Pokemon Unite as the latest addition to the MOBA's roster. First introduced during the Pokemon X and Y games on 3DS, Trevenant looks to be a worthwhile addition to the MOBA and will be acting as a Defender when it becomes available - which is fairly soon.

Trevenant will be coming to Pokemon Unite on January 20th and uses a number of Ghost-type and Grass-type attacks to defeat its foes. Details on Trevanant’s full stats and attacks have not been released by the developers, but players can see the Pokemon dish out some damage in the video below.

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Trevenant Comes to Pokemon Unite As a Defender

Since Trevenant is a Defender type, it's safe to say it'll probably have have high endurance and possibly an AoE attack for crowd control, making it ideal for defending your allies and also attacking opponents. Defenders are more suited to taking damage than dealing damage, but even stalwarts such as Crustle can dominate the field in the right hands.

Expect more details on the move-set of Trevenant soon as it comes to Pokemon Unite next week, on January 20.

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