How to Add Friends in Pokémon Unite

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As a team game, knowing how to add friends in Pokémon Unite is an essential skill you'll want to learn. Nintendo projects typically make playing with your friends--at least distant ones--harder than it really should be. But with our simple guide, you'll be pairing up with your pals in no time. Here's how to make a start in fleshing out your Pokémon Unite friend list.

Thanks to the early hands-on many of us got when the Pokémon Unite beta snuck out in Japan a few weeks back, we're now able to head straight into the game without too many questions.

The Friends list in Pokémon Unite where you can send and accept friend requests.
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How Do I Add Friends in Pokémon Unite?

Through the Friend Menu

If you're looking to add friends in Pokémon Unite, you're going to need a bit of information from the player in question. Like most other Nintendo projects, the company has made it a little difficult to simply search for players based on their publicly available information.

MOBA titles tend to attract a very competitive crowd as well as plenty of casual players looking for a quick few minutes of fun. It makes targeting harassment and verbal abuse a common problem; which is always something the family-focused company aimed to prevent. And, like friend codes on the Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon Unite Trainer ID system is how it's set up to do just that.

Once you have your friend's Trainer ID (or you've given them your own) either person then simply has to enter the other person's Trainer ID in the Friend Search menu. You can access this by pressing 'X' on the main lobby screen, going down to where it says 'Friends', going into the 'Friend Search' tab within, and typing the person's Trainer ID into the search bar at the top.

Hit the search button and the player in question should appear along with a button you can use to send a friend request. Once the person accepts, which they can do by pressing '+' on the Friends menu, you'll both be visible on each other's friend menu.

To recap, here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to add friends in Pokémon Unite:

  • Find your Pokémon Unite Player ID by pressing 'L' on the main screen.
  • Give this code to your friend.
  • Have them type the code into the Friend Search menu accessed by pressing 'X' on the main screen.
  • Navigate to the 'Friend' menu the same way, pressing '+' instead to review friend requests.
  • Accept the friend.
  • Reverse the process if you'd rather add your friend and have them accept the request.

On the Match Results Screen

Another way to do this is to add your teammates at the end of a match. To do this, just use the left stick to navigate to the person you want to add from the match results screen after the Pokémon Unite medals lineup, press 'A' and select 'Add Friend'. Assuming they then accept your request after the match, you'll both show up on each other's friend lists.

This is a great way to keep playing with those who performed well or synergized with your team. Playing with people you trust know their stuff will go a long way in avoiding those you might need to report or block. You can learn how to deal with those types of people by checking out our guide on how to report and block players in Pokémon Unite.

The Trainer screen showing a Pokémon Unite Trainer ID.
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Where Do I Find My Trainer ID in Pokémon Unite?

To add a friend in Pokémon Unite, you need to ask for their Trainer ID. Or they need yours. To find your Player ID in Pokémon Unite, Press the 'L' button while on the main lobby screen to open the Trainer Info page.

At the bottom of your trainer card here you should see a string of text seven alphanumeric characters: that's your Pokémon Unite Player ID. Give that to your friend and they'll be able to use the Friend Search menu to add you to their friend list.

The Unite Battle screen showing the Pokémon Unite Invite Friends button.
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How Do I Invite Friends To My Party in Pokémon Unite?

Assuming you've successfully added your friend using the method above, actually playing with them requires inviting them to your party. Once they're in, you'll be able to queue to start a match with them in your team. The more friends you have in your party, the fewer strangers you'll be paired up with when the match starts and the more likely you are to build a balanced squad. That's important when it comes to learning how to level up fast in Pokémon Unite and storm the map.

If they're on your friend list, you can add a friend to your party in Pokémon Unite by following either one of these two methods:

  • Tap one of the on-screen + buttons on the lobby menu
  • Press the Y button on your controller on the lobby menu

Either option will allow you to select a friend from your friend list. This will send an invite to their game screen. If they accept the invite, their trainer (complete with Holowear) should appear in your lobby.

Once everyone you have invited has joined your party or rejected your invite, you'll be good to go. Just initiate a match as you normally would and you'll bring all the friends in the party into your next match.

If you want to quickly hop into another match, everyone needs to hit the Return to Lobby button when it ends. This will take you back to the match queue screen with all your buddies.

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