The Pokemon Unite Network Test Lets You Play Right Now

According to the good folks over at Nintendo Life, a way to play Pokemon Unite right now has just popped up. Here's how to play the game early, courtesy of the Japanese Pokemon Unite Network Test app.

The Pokemon Company and Tencent clearly understand that rock-solid servers will be key to the success of Pokemon Unite MOBA.

Although the game only releases next month on Nintendo Switch and later for mobile, they've just launched a "network test" that essentially lets you play the game early.

How to Download the Pokemon Unite Network Test

To play Pokemon Unite early, you need to download the Network Test app onto your Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to the device's relaxed region-locking, all you need to do is make a new account on your Switch and set its location to Japan. With that, you'll be able to log into the Japanese eShop and download the game.

When Does the Pokemon Unite Network Test End?

But you need to be quick. The Pokemon Unite Network Test runs from June 24-26. We're almost already too late when you consider Japan's timezone difference.

How Much Space Do I Need for the Pokemon Unite Network Test?

The joy of MOBA games is that they're pretty simple. The content is the characters and the gameplay. That makes for a super small game that, at least for now, will take up just 1.4GB of space on your console or MicroSD card.

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