New Pokémon Snap: Undersea Illumina and Crystabloom Locations

To proceed through the campaign of the New Pokémon Snap, players will have to find the illumina phenomenon on a Crystabloom flower or Pokémon in the Maricopia Islands, specifically somewhere in the Undersea area. We’ll show you how to find the Illumina and Crystabloom locations in Undersea below, as well as the puzzle solution needed to reveal its location.

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Undersea Illumina and Crystabloom Locations in Pokémon Snap

Like the previous two times that players received Illumina Orbs, they did this by finding the location of an Illumina Crystabloom Flower in that part of the Pokémon Snap campaign and getting a photo. However, all the Crystablooms in Undersea are dark, and of no use right now. Instead, you’ll have to get a picture of a Pokémon in the Illumina Condition - specifically, a single Frillish who’s hiding somewhere in the map. We’ll show you how to find Frillish below.

Illumina Frillish Location

Frillish is in the Undersea level, but it’s in hiding until provoked into revealing itself. We’ll show you how to solve the puzzle, coax it out and get the photo of Illumina Frillish by following this step-by-step guide.

Pokemon Snap Frillish Illumina Undersea Location
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The Illumina Frillish is on the right side of this cave, to the right of the one the Neo-One goes into.

How to Find Illumina Frillish

  • Go into the Undersea at Research Level 1 or 2
  • Follow the normal path through the seaweed fields.
  • Up ahead you should see a Wailmer shouting at either an Octillery or a Pyukumuku, depending on level.
  • As you get close to Wailmer, you’ll drop down into a deeper section of ocean.
  • In a moment the Neo-One will carry you through an opening into an underwater cave. However, to the right of the cave’s entrance is a second opening, taller than it is wide, with a few stray purple orbs of light floating from around a corner.
  • Throw as many Fluffruit you can through that opening to the rock floor! Don’t aim too far back, instead just to the section level with that obscured corner.
  • An Illumina Frillish will come in from the right to get the Fluffruit. Take a picture of it quickly, before you move on into the cave and lose your chance!
Pokemon Snap Illumina Frillish
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Frillish will swim in from the right to get the fruit you throw.

How to Get Maricopia Islands Pink Illumina Orb

Once you’re done with the course, you can hand in your photo of the Illumina Frillish to Professor Mirror back at the lab. He’ll grant you a set of Pink Illumina Orbs, which can be used to trigger Crystabloom flowers and the Illumina Condition in Pokémon at the Beach, Reef and Undersea locations.

How to Get a Four-Star Photo of Frillish

To get a Four-Star photo of Frillish, you actually need to follow our Lugia guide here! Follow the path to find Lugia, but at the point where the two Frillish are holding down Lanturn, take a picture of them to get Four-Stars.

Now you’ve unlocked the Pink Illumina Orbs, there’s still plenty more to find along the way! Find out how to find Mew here, or check out how to get four-star photos here!

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