Shiny Corsola Debuts In Pokemon GO For Pokemon Air Adventures

Shiny Corsola and Pikachu are going to be the mascots of the Pokemon Air Adventures within Pokemon GO. Starting in July, players in select regions can get shiny Corsola for themselves.

Pokemon Air Adventures is a new travel initiative being pushed by The Pokemon Company which started in Japan. Part of the initiative will be Pokemon-themed jets to help promote travel in the area.

If players do travel, specifically to Okinawa in Japan, they will be able to catch a special edition of Pikachu in Pokemon GO. Like other event-themed Pikachus, it will have a shirt to distinguish it, but it will be a unique Okinawan kariyushi shirt. Starting on July 22, any players that travel to Okinawa can find the special Pikachu for the next year.

According to the Niantic blog, there are plans to release further region-exclusive Pokemon as time goes on. It will further promote the travel initiative within Pokemon Air Adventures.

Shiny Corsola debuts in Pokemon GO

Though players will need to wait for the full list of region-exclusive Pokemon in the future, the wait won't be long for shiny Corsola. Just like the Pikachu, players can begin finding shiny Corsola on July 22 of 2021.

Shiny Corsola will only be available in certain regions though because Corsola itself is region locked in Pokemon GO; at least within the wild. The area to find one is large and not locked to one landmass, but is still exclusive.

To find a shiny Corsola, players will need to look between 31N and 26S for Latitudes. That means a large area across that globe that is placed near the Equator. However, players also need to be near the coast. It makes finding a shiny Corsola that much more of a challenge.

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