Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Bidoof

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Players in Pokemon GO are always looking for another shiny to add to their collection, and shiny Bidoof may be the next one for many.

During the Pokemon GO Bidoof Breakout event this month, shiny Bidoof will be making a debut in the game. Before then, there is no way to get a hold of one, which means players will need to wait a bit. However, that patience will pay off, because the event is right around the corner.


Shiny Bidoof and the Bidoof Breakout event will arrive on June 25 at 10 am local time. Players have almost a week for the best chances at a shiny Bidoof, which will end on July 1 at 8 pm local time. After the event ends, players will still have a chance to get a shiny Bidoof any time they find a Bidoof in the wild; they are not event exclusive.

The best way to get a shiny Bidoof in Pokemon GO

Getting a shiny in Pokemon GO is almost always up to chance, unless they are guaranteed in a special research quest. That doesn't mean, however, that the chances can't be increased while looking for a shiny Bidoof.

The best way to get one will be during the Bidoof Breakout event. They will be spawning all over the place, and as each day passes, the spawn rate will increase for Bidoof in the wild. If players use an incense item or a Pokestop lure while the event is running, there is a very high chance to find a shiny Bidoof after some diligent searching.


The same methods will apply after the event as long as Bidoof is available in the wild or within raids in Pokemon GO.

To speed up the process, players should remember that they don't need to catch a Pokemon to see if it's shiny. Simply tapping on it and encountering it will reveal if there is a shiny Bidoof or not. Tap on as many as possible while the event is running in Pokemon GO.