Pokemon GO Yveltal: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Yveltal Any Good?

Pokemon GO players can begin defeating and catching Yveltal soon, and that means a new Legendary Pokemon may find its way into PVP battles.

Yveltal is a dual-type Dark and Flying Pokemon which certainly gives it an enticing combo among PVP players. One of the largest benefits that Yveltal has is the neutral damage it receives from Fighting-type attacks. Fighting-type Pokemon are typically the bane of Dark-type Pokemon, and it's why a Pokemon like Scraggy is successful.

When choosing the Fast Attack on Yveltal in Pokemon GO, Snarl is the best option of the three available fast attacks. Gust technically does more damage, but it's not necessarily worth it due to the energy per second gained compared to Snarl. The best of both damage and EPS is possible with Snarl.

For the Charge Attack, the priority move should be Dark Pulse. It has a decent damage output, but more importantly, it's a fantastic shield burner. Without it, Yveltal will take a while to use charge attacks in Pokemon GO.

Players can choose Hurricane as a great secondary Charge Attack. The move utilizes the Flying-type on Yveltal, and it provides massive damage. It won't charge as fast as Dark Pulse, but it provides a second option.

Is Yveltal a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Yveltal could benefit from some other attack options for a moveset in Pokemon GO. Overall though, Yveltal is a good choice, especially when compared to Xerneas who was released in Luminous Legends X.

The typing that negates Fighting-type Pokemon is a huge benefit for Yveltal, and it can deal a ton of damage. On top of high defense and a large HP pool, Yveltal will likely be a popular pick in the Ultra League or the Master League in the Pokemon GO Battle League.

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