Pokemon GO: The Best Moveset for Barbaracle

Barbaracle is available in Pokemon GO for the first time, and players can begin to use the best moveset possible on the Generation VI Pokemon.

Binacle, and its final form Barbaracle, are both dual-type and Rock Pokemon. It's a great type combination whether players want Barbaracle for gyms or battles. In general, movesets are split into a defensive category for defending gyms and an offensive category for battles. Offensive movesets are typically the best default set up, and the same goes for Barbaracle.

The best fast attack to use on Barbaracle is Water Gun. It has the best damage to energy per second ratio of all the available fast attacks available. Mud-Slap is the second-best option for a fast attack and is the top option on a defensive moveset due to the base damage.

For the charge attack, players should use Grass Knot on Barbaracle. It's the best for both movesets due to the damage it outputs and how fast it charges up. As always though, players can equip a second charge attack. In that case, Stone Edge is the best second option because of the pure damage it has on Barbaracle.

How to get Barbaracle in Pokemon GO

With Sustainability Week live in Pokemon GO, players can finally get their hands on Binacle and Barbaracle. Binacle itself is very hard to find, as it can spawn in the wild and within raids.

To get Barbaracle, which is the second form of Binacle, players need to catch enough Binacles for 50 candy. Once the 50 candies are obtained in Pokemon GO, Binacle can be evolved, and players can begin their moveset changes on Barbaracle.

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