Pokemon GO: The Best Moveset for Therian Forme Landorus

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Therian Forme Landorus is the last of the Forces of Nature Trio to receive a Therian Forme in Pokemon GO. Now that players are able to obtain one, the best moveset has been put together on the Legendary Pokemon.

In general, the best movesets are determined by offense and defense. Defense is meant for defending gyms, and offense is meant for battles or anything else by default. In the case of Therian Forme Landorus, the same moveset is used for both.


For the fast attack, players should use Extrasensory which is a Psychic-type move. It's one of the biggest differences between Therian Forme and Incarnate Forme Landorus. Extrasensory has the best mix between DPS and energy per second gained of all the fast moves, and it doesn't hurt to have Psychic.

When choosing a charged attack on Landorus, players should use Earth Power which is used on both versions of the Legendary. The Ground-type move is the main priority, but the second charged attack can always be used. In that case, Outrage or Focus Blast are great choices.

Therian Forme Landorus weaknesses in Pokemon GO

To get a Therian Forme Landorus in Pokemon GO, players still need to either trade for one or defeat it in a raid. It helps to know which weaknesses to exploit for the battle, as well as what to avoid when using Landorus in the future.


Ice-types are by far the biggest counter to Therian Forme Landorus, and players should use them in the raids. Water-types are a great second option to use, but not as devastating. When using Landorus later on in battles, be aware of those type matchups in Pokemon GO.