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Pokemon GO: How to get Binacle and Barbaracle

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Sustainability Week has arrived in Pokemon GO, and that means the debut of Binacle and Barbaracle in the game. Luckily, the poster Pokemon of the new event shouldn't take too much time.

Binacle is the first form of Barbaracle, and they are from the Generation VI Kalos region. They are both Rock-type and Water-type Pokemon, which can be a great combination of typing in Pokemon GO. To get a Barbaracle though, players will need to catch a handful of Binacles.

Overall, it takes 50 candy to evolve a Binacle into a Barbaracle within Pokemon GO. To get 50 Binacle candies, it will take about 16 encounters without any berries or transfers. Each catch is worth 3 candy, a transfer is worth 1 candy, and a Pinap berry can give players 6 instead of 3.

Once players have all 50 Binacle candies, they can evolve it into a Barbaracle as the final form. However, sometimes it can be best to hold onto the cady until a three-star Binacle is caught, but that's up to the player.

Binacle, Barbaracle, and Sustainability Week in Pokemon GO

Binacle and Barbaracle making a debut in Pokemon GO isn't the only feature of the new Sustainability Week. Players can also take on challenges and look for a new themed rotation of Pokemon.

Pokemon such as Ferroseed, Trubbish, Grimer, and Drilbur will be appearing around that map, along with other Pokemon. That includes spawns in the wild, in 5km eggs, and in raids throughout the week.

If players are lucky enough they can encounter a shiny Trubbish. Aside from Pokemon rotations though, all Niantic players can participate in challenges to reach tiered rewards. Each tier that is reached will add a bonus to Pokemon GO specifically, such as more five-star raid spawns.

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