Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Dwebble Be Shiny?

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The Season of Discovery has begun in Pokemon GO, and Dwebble will be the first spotlight Pokemon featured in the new season.

Dwebble's spotlight hour debuts on the very first day of the new Pokemon GO season, which is June 1, 2021. As always, spotlight hours take place on Tuesday nights from 6 pm local time to 7 pm local time.

During that hour-long spotlight, Dwebble will be appearing all over the wild and when players use items such as incense or Pokestop lures. Other pokemon still have a chance to spawn, but the rate is far lower than usual. When the hour is over, Dwebble spawns will disappear again.

Each week, one of the main questions players have for the spotlight hour is whether or not the featured Pokemon is shiny. Due to the high spawns, the chance of a shiny is far more likely. Well, Dwebble does have a shiny form, which debuted during a Pokemon GO Bug-type event in the past. June 1st is a perfect time to pursue a shiny Dwebble.

Pokemon GO Dwebble spotlight hour bonus


Catching Dwebble won't be the only point of the hour, as each week there is a bonus for players to look forward to. This week, that bonus is twice the amount of XP for catching Pokemon. It's a fantastic time to use a Lucky Egg and gain some XP.

Any players that don't have a Crustle yet should certainly catch as enough Dwebble for a good evolution. It takes 50 Dwebble candy to evolve into the Dual-type Bug and Rock Crustle.

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