Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Marill Be Shiny?

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Fairy-type Pokemon are taking over Luminous Legends once again, and Marill will be filling in as this week's Pokemon GO spotlight feature.

Marill's spotlight will take place on Tuesday, March 25 as the last spotlight of the month. Like always, players can expect the spotlight to begin at 6 pm local time and end at 7 pm local time. The spotlight is a weekly event that always lasts for an hour at a time.

During that hour, Marill will be spawning all over the Pokemon GO map. That includes in the wild, near stops, or from items such as incense or Pokestop lures. The odds of seeing other Pokemon in that hour are very low, but not entirely impossible.

Each week, one of the most prevalent questions is whether or not the featured Pokemon is shiny. Marill does have a shiny form, and if players search for the entire hour, finding one is highly likely. Pokemon GO players should keep in mind that they only need to tap on Marill to see if it's shiny. If it's not a bright green and players don't need another Marill, then they can simply back out of the encounter.


Pokemon GO Marill spotlight hour bonus

On top of the featured Pokemon each week, there is always a bonus in Pokemon GO that is active during the spotlight hour. For the hour of Marill, that bonus is double the usual stardust earned for catches.

Any players that don't have an Azumarill yet should take advantage of the spotlight hour in Pokemon GO. It takes 25 Marill candy to evolve one into an Azumarill. It's certainly worth the effort for PVP battles in the Pokemon GO Great League.