Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Alolan Rattata Be Shiny?

The third Pokemon GO spotlight hour in May is set to feature Alolan Rattata, and players may have a chance to get their own shiny version.

As always, Tuesday means a new spotlight hour in Pokemon GO. It runs from 6 pm local time until 7 pm local time. During that hour, the featured Pokemon will spawn far more frequently. So much so that it may be the only Pokemon players encounter for the entire hour.

On top of catching plenty of Alolan Rattatas in Pokemon GO, players can search for a shiny. Each spotlight hour varies in terms of which Pokemon have a shiny form to catch, and luckily, Alolan Rattata has one that is a dark burgundy color.

Players should keep in mind that in Pokemon GO, catching a Pokemon is not required to see if it will be shiny. Anyone can simply tap on Alolan Rattata and move on to the next one if it doesn't appear as shiny.

Pokemon GO Alolan Rattata spotlight hour bonus

Each week there is a bonus that accompanies the featured pokemon in the spotlight hour. For the Alolan Rattata spotlight, there will be a bonus that gives players twice the normal amount of XP upon evolution.

The hour-long Pokemon GO spotlight is also the perfect time for any players that don't have an Alolan Raticate to get their own. In order to get the Dark and Normal-type Raticate, players will need to accumulate 25 Rattata candy. That includes candy from both normal and Alolan types.

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