Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Aipom Be Shiny?

The final June spotlight hour in Pokemon GO is set to take place, and the featured Pokemon this week is Aipom.

Players can look forward to Aipom for the last June 2021 spotlight, and as always, the schedule is the same. The hour will take place on June 29 from 6 pm local time to 7 pm local time. Every region will have its own hours rather than all at once.

During the Pokemon GO spotlight hour, Aipom will appear all over the wild with much higher spawn rates. Though it's technically possible, it will be highly unlikely to see many other Pokemon aside from Aipom. It gives players a perfect opportunity to farm some Aipom candy and obtain the Ambipom evolution.

One of the most frequent questions every week before a spotlight hour is whether or not a Pokemon has a shiny form. In this case, Aipom does have a shiny form for players to pursue. It won't be guaranteed, but the increased spawns make it more likely, and items can increase the odds as well. Those items include lures or incense items.

Pokemon GO Aipom spotlight hour bonus

Each week during the Pokemon GO spotlight hour, there is a bonus that incentivizes players to participate beyond catching the featured Pokemon.

For the week of Aipom, the spotlight bonus will be twice the stardust for catching Pokemon. It's on the weaker side of typical bonuses that players can expect, like double candy from transfers, but it's an easy way to farm some stardust.

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