Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Swinub Be Shiny?

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Swinub is a consistently pursued Pokemon in Pokemon GO and this week it will be featured in the spotlight hour for any player to take advantage.

Every week there is a spotlight hour in Pokemon GO that features one Pokemon. Swinub is the star of this week, which will take place on June 22 globally. Pokemon GO players can expect the event to start at 6 pm local time and end an hour later at 7 pm local time.


During the hour, Swinub will appear all over the wild and the chances of other Pokemon spawning are slim. That one hour is all about the pig and mammoth crossover that players know as Swinub. As always, using an incense item or a Pokestop lure will spawn even more featured Pokemon, if the wild wasn't enough.

Every week the most persistent question is whether the featured Pokemon can be shiny or not. Swinub does indeed have a shiny form, and it has a stark green color compared to the usual brown of the round Pokemon. The spotlight hour is the perfect chance to get a shiny with some luck.

Pokemon GO Swinub spotlight hour bonus

Though the spotlight hour in Pokemon GO is primarily about catching one Pokemon, there is typically one bonus to attract all players.


This week, the bonus is twice the XP for evolving Pokemon. That includes all Pokemon which is some decent XP, but catching Swinub is a good method to farm some evolutions for an hour as well.

For any players that don't yet have a Swinub evolution, it will take 25 candy to get a Piloswin, and 100 Candy in order to get the massive Mamoswine.