Pokemon GO Spotlight: Can Abra Be Shiny?

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Abra is set to be the second spotlight hour featured Pokemon for the month of June in Pokemon GO. It's the perfect chance for any players who don't have the Kanto region Alakazam.

As always, the spotlight hour in Pokemon GO occurs on Tuesday nights every week. Players can start stacking up on Abras on June 8, and the spotlight hour runs from 6 pm local time to 7 pm local time. During that hour, Abra will be the main attraction.


Players will find that other Pokemon spawning during the spotlight hour for Abra in Pokemon GO will be extremely rare, but it's possible. Aside from small appearances from other Pokemon, players can use an incense or a Pokestop lure to spawn nearly non-stop Abras. The wild will also spawn plenty of Abras to catch in the time slot.

Perhaps the most asked question each week is whether the Pokemon in the spotlight hour is shiny or not. Well, Abra does have a shiny form for Pokemon GO players to try and catch. After the Kanto Tour event, all Kanto Pokemon have their shiny form available in the game.

Pokemon GO Abra spotlight hour bonus

Each week, there is a bonus to go along with an hour of a featured Pokemon. It gives further incentive to participate in the weekly event, even if players don't want the featured Pokemon.


For the Abra week in Pokemon GO, the bonus is twice the candy earned for catching Pokemon. That means players looking to avoid Abra, for the time being, may be out of luck on the bonus. Any players that don't have an Alakazam have a great opportunity to evolve a good one.

It takes 25 candy to evolve an Abra into a Kadabra, and 100 candy or a trade to get an Alakazam in Pokemon GO.