Pokemon GO Obstagoon: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Obstagoon Any Good?

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Obstagoon is a common occurrence in Pokemon GO PVP battles and is one of two of the most useful Galarian forms in Pokemon GO.

There are only a handful of Galarian Pokemon in the game so far, and they are each Galarian forms of Pokemon that already existed in previous generations. Obstagoon itself is the third form of Galarian Zigzagoon, and subsequently, Galarian Linoone. Obstagoon becomes one of the most useful PVP picks.


When choosing a Fast Attack on Obstagoon, the best option is Counter. It's a Fighting-type move that can shred through Normal and Steel-type Pokemon. Lick can be used as a separate option with more energy per second gained, but Obstagoon typically does not need it.

For the Charge Attack, players should prioritize Night Slash on Obstagoon. The Dark-type move charges incredibly fast, and has the chance to increase attack on Obstagoon by about 12% for a limited duration.

If players have the resources, players should choose Gunk Shot at as the second Charge Attack. It's a Poison-type move that has a long charge time, but will hit almost any Pokemon with a ton of damage.

Is Obstagoon a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Aside from Galarian Stunfisk, Obstagoon is a top choice for PVP between the Galarian forms in Pokemon GO. Obstagoon even has the ability to take down Stunfisk itself.


When compared to the entire Pokemon GO roster, Obstagoon is typically a solid choice in a PVP lineup, especially as the lead on a team. It attacks fast and has a ton of damage output with some bulk to block hits. Galarian Zigzagoon can be tough to obtain but is worth evolving when possible for PVP.