Pokemon GO Altaria: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Altaria Any Good?

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Altaria has been a prominent pick in the Pokemon GO Battle League for quite some time, and the community day gave more players the chance to obtain one.

One of the best parts of Altaria is the moveset options that the pokemon has, and its typing. Altaria is a dual-type Dragon and Flying Pokemon that can tear apart teams that don't have the correct counters prepared. In lower ranks, it can be a complete game changer.


When choosing a Fast Attack on Altaria, Dragon Breath is by far the best option. On many Dragon-types the same attack is used for its speed, damage, and the energy per second it can gain. Compared to attacks like Peck, Dragon Breath is an easy choice.

For the Charge Attack, players in Pokemon GO should prioritize Sky Attack. The move has the fastest charge time compared to other options for Altaria and it still packs a formidable punch against most opponents. The Flying-type attack is also good for countering picks like Togekiss if the situation arises.

If players can get a second Charge Attack, Moonblast is a fantastic new option that is Fairy-type. However, it's a community day move, and if players don't evolve Swablu during the event they will need to use an Elite TM. Without one, Dragon Pulse is another option.

Is Altaria a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP Battles?

On paper, Altaria is a monster of a Pokemon that can dominate the Great League in Pokemon GO. Without the right preparation, it still can against many players. It would shine in the Ultra League as well if there wasn't a low CP cap on Altaria.


However, many experienced players keep Ice and Fairy-type moves on their team to some degree. Altaria is so strong that most teams will have some sort of counter. Altaria has high defense, HP, and attack, but is countered heavily.

It's weak to Dragon, Rock, Fairy, and is hit especially hard by Ice-type Pokemon. Altaria can still prove useful in many cases, but players should proceed in Pokemon GO battles with caution.