Pokémon GO Lugia: Counters, Raids, Moveset, and More

With the new Season of Mischief outlined for Pokemon GO, players can expect to face Lugia once again. For two weeks in September, the Legendary will be available in five-star raids.

Lugia will be available as the next raid boss starting on September 1, 2021. Players will have until September 14, 2021, to defeat and catch the Legendary. However, even if time runs out, Lugia is sure to make a return. Like during the next Pokémon GO Giovanni appearance.

This guide will serve as a resource for counters and the best moveset each time Lugia is brought back to Pokémon GO.

Here are the best Lugia counters for its latest Pokémon GO raid appearance.
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What Are the Best Lugia Counters for Raids in Pokémon GO?

Fast Move
Charged Move
Thunder Shock
Wild Charge
Stone Edge
Shadow Claw
Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw
Charge Beam
Wild Charge
Shadow Ball
Therian Thundurus
Volt Switch
Smack Down
Rock Wrecker

Lugia is a Psychic and Flying-type. It's boosted by Windy weather.

When beaten, the Pokémon GO Lugia Raid rewards a number of Premier Balls based on who was there and their own performance. Make sure to use berries while throwing accurate curveballs to increase your chances of capturing the elusive Pokémon. With any luck, Lugia will be caught.

Be aware that these aren't necessarily the best Lugia counters for trainer battles or PVP. Bulk is a better option in those cases, meaning glass cannons like Gengar aren't recommended.

What Is the Best Lugia Moveset In Pokemon GO?

Lugia's best moveset may change during the Season of Mischief, but some moves will remain the same for the Diving Pokemon.

Fast Attack: Dragon Tail

Choosing a fast attack on Lugia can be difficult because Extrasensory is also a great choice. While Extrasensory may gain more energy, Dragon Tail has virtually identical stats. Dragon Tail, however, covers a far wider range of matchups.

Charge Attack: Aeroblast and Sky Attack

Aeroblast is an Elite move that players can get by defeating and catching Lugia in September of 2021. Afterwards, an Elite TM will be needed. The move hits hard, it charges quick, and it has a STAB bonus.

Players can really use Sky Attack or Future Sight as the next option. Both also have STAB, but Sky Attack is a quicker option.

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