Pokemon GO Charizard: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Charizard Any Good

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Charizard, like the other Kanto starter evolutions, is one of the most popular Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Not only is the Generation I Pokemon popular in general, but it's also a surprisingly good pick in battles.

When using Charizard in PVP battles, it's important to have the best moveset possible. Otherwise, Charizard diminishes if it's using the same attacks like any other Fire-type that players can pick. It's Charizard's unique set of moves that make it useful.


For the fast attack, players should use Fire Spin on Charizard. Fire Spin has the highest DPS of all the available fast attacks, and it has some great energy per second gains. Wing Attack and Ember are also some great options, especially with the energy per second gains. However, both of them are elite tm moves and they aren't worth it over Fire Spin.

When choosing the charge attack on Charizard, players should prioritize Blast Burn. It dishes out a ton of damage, even when the opposing Pokemon isn't weak to fire. On top of that, Blast Burn has a quick charge rate. As a second charge attack, Dragon Claw pairs well with Blast Burn. It can counter Dragon-types and burn shields fast.

Charizard weaknesses in Pokemon GO battles

Charizard is a Fire-type and Flying-type Pokemon. While Charizard might be able to burn a plethora of opponents, there are a few types that can really hurt it.


Rock-types are the scariest type for Charizard, as they are Super Effective due to the dual-typing. But players should also watch out for Electric-types and Water-types in PVP battles.

With that in mind, players can begin using Charizard in the Pokemon GO battle league. Ultra League is where Charizard truly shines, but Great League is also a viable option.