Pokemon GO Muk: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Muk Any Good

Muk is known for dealing out some pretty significant damage in Pokemon GO, and Muk can certainly take a hit, which can throw other players off in battles. With the Muk spotlight that just passed in Pokemon GO, a new wave of players can use the Poison-type themselves.

When choosing the best moveset for a Pokemon, there is typically a defensive moveset and an offensive one. Defensive movesets are meant for defending gyms while offensive movesets are used for battles and everything in between. Though Muk can split into both categories, the safest route is to stick to the offensive moveset.

For the fast attack, Muk should have Poison Jab. It has the highest DPS of all the available fast attacks and the energy per second is still fairly high. A second contender would be Acid, because it has a fantastic EPS to DPS ratio, but the move is much harder to get.

When choosing a charge attack, Gunk Shot is the priority pick. The Poison-type attack deals some massive damage and can counter some heavy hitters in battles. As always though, a second charge attack can be equipped, and in that case, Dark Pulse is a great option. Gunk Shot does more damage, but Dark Pulse will charge fast and can burn some shields. It also offers some type variety on Muk.

How to get Muk in Pokemon GO

Muk is fairly easy to get in Pokemon GO, especially with the spotlight hour that just ended. Players simply need to catch a handful of Grimers in order to evolve the Pokemon.

Once players have 50 Grimer candy, Muk is attainable in Pokemon GO. On top of that, Alolan Grimer is also available through hatching eggs. Luckily, both versions share the same candy and can be evolved easily into a Muk. Alolan Muk is even stronger in the battle league than the normal version.

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