Pokémon GO Mega Latios Counters and Weakness Chart

Image of the Pokémon Latios.

Image of the Pokémon Latios.

Hoping to defeat the first Mega Legendary Pokemon during the Pokemon GO Air Adventures event? You'll need to know the best Mega Latios counters and its weakness to take it on. Read to on get those essential questions answered and learn how best to defeat this difficult challenge without wasting a raid pass.

We're all used to legendary raids in Pokemon GO, but the introduction of mega legendaries has given things a drastic shakeup. Not only has it breathed new life into an already recently reworked mega system, but it's given players their first true raid challenge in a good long while.

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What's The Best Pokémon GO Mega Latios Weakness?

Regular Damage
2x Damage
4x Damage
Ground, Fighting, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic
Normal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Steel
Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, Fairy

Being a dual Psychic/Dragon-type Pokemon, Mega Latios benefits itself by not having any 4x weakness to speak of - which has been known to make fearsome-looking foes like Rayquaza fall at the hands of only two or three trainers.

Being a Mega Pokemon - and a legendary at that - the fight requires around seven high-level trainers with perfect counters to take on. More trainers will make it easier, but if you're in a single-digit group, only the best will do. this isn't a fight for newbies

Image of the Pokémon Dragonite, which is a great Pokémon GO Mega Latios counter.
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What Are the Best Pokémon GO Mega Latios Counters?

Fast move
Charged move
Dragon Tail
Dragon Claw
Dragon Tail
Mega Gengar
Shadow Claw
Shadow Ball
Dragon Tail

The Pokémon in the table above represent some of the best Mega Latios counters you can take into the battle. Some are easier to train up than others, and some won't get to fight for long before they become a victim of their own weaknesses, but with no 4x weakness to speak off, the opportunities are wide but the risks are large.

Dragon-type Pokémon still represent the best Mega Latios counters in terms of raw damage - but they'll be hit hard by any Dragon-type moves Mega Latios decides it wants to use. The boss can cover its own weaknesses quite well, though, so you'll need a varied counter roster to reliably take on every Mega Latios encounter you come across.

What Moves Does Mega Latios Use in Pokémon GO?

Fast moves
Charged moves
Zen Headbutt
Dragon Breath
Dragon Claw
Solar Beam
Luster Purge

As you can tell, the moves you'll face from Mega Latios are primarily Psychic and Dragon types. That won't come as much of a surprise, but it helps to know which types you'll face in these excruciatingly hard raid battles.

As long as you line up some Dragon, Ice, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokémon in your roster, though, you should manage to pull it off.

That's it for our look at the Mega Latios counters in Pokémon GO! This high-powered raid is only set to remain in the game for the next week, so be sure to dive in before it filters out of rotation. Also feel free to check out our best Arlo counters for May 2022 if you fancy taking down the Team GO Rocket leader!

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