Pokémon GO Air Adventures Event - Date, Spawns, and Rewards

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Image of a summer-themed Pikachu and Corsola in Pokémon GO

After years of COVID-based delays and local restrictions, Pokémon GO is finally back in full swing. The upcoming Pokémon GO Air Adventures event was initially slated for early 2021, but a revised date has finally been set. With new shinies on offer and even some tweaks to our beloved Pokéstops, it's definitely an event worth your time.

Our Pokémon GO Air Adventures event guide will run through when this limited-time promotion takes place, as well as detailing exactly what's new in the game. We'll leave you with all the key information you'll need, so you'll be totally prepared once the event rolls around.

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Pokémon GO Air Adventures Event Start Date

The Pokémon GO Air Adventures event starts on March 19, 2022. That's when the first special themed encounters will land in the wild. After that, we're expecting a wider community event between May 3, 2022 and May 8, 2022. That will involve more extensive special research and cosmetic tweaks to the world, which should be a pretty fun time.

Image of several Valentines-themed Pokémon in Pokémon GO
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What Is The Pokémon GO Air Adventures Event?

As mentioned, the Pokémon GO Air Adventures event will have two main strands. Here's what we know about them right now.

First off is the introduction of special themed encounters, where certain wild Pokémon will look slightly different to usual. Details are currently slim on what those changes will be, but expect some Pokémon with new outfits not seen before. The most notable is Pikachu, who will be wearing a themed kariyushi shirt. However, it seems like this variant may only be available for players in Okinawa, making this a particularly rare catch.

There's also set to be a shiny Corsola out in the wild and some special Pokéstop designs. However, it seems like right now they both may also be a Japan-exclusive launch. We'll have to wait and see whether they land in other regions down the line.

Then, in May 2022, there's a global Pokémon GO Air Adventures event. This will happen outside of Japan, too: so you can imagine the shiny Corsola will be available for all trainers during this period. On top of that, another Pikachu variant will arrive, covered in balloons to help it float above the ground. There will also be some collaborative events that'll likely take the form of special research objectives: though details are slim on those right now.

How Do I Play The Pokémon GO Air Adventures Event?


As with all special events in Pokémon GO, you'll be able to play the Air Adventures event simply by logging into the game. This event will start automatically in March and May, so you won't have to download a patch or tweak some settings to play it.

However, some parts of the promotion could be locked behind a paywall. Each year's annual Pokémon GO Festival has a premium ticket that gives you access to exclusive raids and research. They tend to cost real money, meaning some elements of these promotions can be paid. Early descriptions of the Air Adventures event suggest there may be a Japan-exclusive ticketed event too, so don't be shocked if there's a purchase option behind it as well.

Which Pokémon Are In The Pokémon GO Air Adventures Event?

Given the event is still quite a way off a proper release, it's hard to predict all the Pokémon that'll appear in the Air Adventures event. We know for certain that across the world there will be two Pikachu variants and a shiny Corsola, but aside from that it's hard to say what else will arrive. Of course, once more detail comes out from Niantic, we'll be able to say which other Pokémon will be included in the promotion.

That's it for our guide on the Pokémon GO Air Adventures event! We'll be sure to update this guide once we learn more about the ins and outs of the promotion. After a few years of slightly delayed rollouts due to the pandemic, Pokémon GO looks to be back in full swing. Before that, though, check out our Tapu Lele weakness, Tapu Bulu weakness, and Tapu Fini weakness guides to get a head-start on building teams to take these upcoming legends on.

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