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How to Evolve Inkay in Pokémon GO

Evolving Pokémon in Pokémon GO is usually more straightforward than in the main series games (even if it does occasionally utilise RNG - looking at you, Eeveelutions). While there are a few evolution items, the game mostly requires you to collect enough candy to evolve a Pokémon.

However, in recent months more and more Pokémon have had unique evolution methods. Whether it's making 10 Excellent Throws with Galarian Farfetch'd as your buddy or feeding Swirlix 25 Berries, some Pokémon need more than just candy to suit them. And the method for how to evolve Inkay is something similar.

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Inkay has just been released as a part of the Pokémon GO Season of Mischief, specifically the Psychic Spectacular event. The hints of a "revolving" addition to the game that could "overturn at a moment’s notice" are clear - the Topsy-Turvy Pokémon is on its way. Inkay will appear as a raid boss, in Field Research, and in rare wild spawns, but evolving it sounds like a pain.


How Do You Evolve Inkay in Pokémon GO?

To evolve Inkay, you need to collect 50 Inkay candy and turn your phone upside down. It seems that Pokémon GO is taking inspiration from the main series for this evolution method. Once you've followed these steps, a Malamar will be yours!

If you've played the main series games on Nintendo Switch or DS, you'll know the struggle with evolving Inkay. If you didn't have access to internet guides (which weren't quite as common back when Pokémon X & Y released), then you wouldn't have had any idea that you needed to turn your console upside down while levelling up the little squid for it to evolve into Malamar.

Is Shiny Inkay in Pokémon GO?

Shiny Inkay is currently not available in Pokémon GO.

A group of Malamar approach menacingly.
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Best Malamar Moveset in Pokémon GO


We don't know Malamar's moveset at the moment, but it will likely look very different to its best options in the main series games. Since Pokémon GO has no abilities, Malamar's Contrary does not give it boosts from the likes of Superpower. However, Superpower may well be an option for it in Pokémon GO.

Fast Move: Psycho Cut

Charge Move: Foul Play and Hyper Beam/Superpower

Psycho Cut will charge up your Charge Moves pretty fast and deal nice damage while its at it, and Foul Play is a great option for any Pokémon. Your second Charge Move on Malamar, should you choose to accept it, will be a nuke and depend on the rest of your team's composition. Looking weak to Registeel? Pick Superpower for the no-shield matchup. Just want heavy neutral damage across the board? Maybe Hyper Beam is a better option.

That's everything we know about Malamar's moveset and how to evolve Inkay in Pokémon GO. We'll update this guide as soon as anything is made official and Inkay appears in the game, so check back to be sure.