Pokémon GO Giratina Altered Forme Counters, Raid, Moveset, And More

Plenty of events have continued to be released during the Season of Mischief in Pokémon GO. Halloween events are at the forefront during October, and Altered Forme Giratina has taken over the rotation or raid bosses.

Altered Forme Giratina made a return to Pokémon GO on October 12 after Genesect left the rotation. Trainers will have until October 22, at which point Darkrai will take over as the next big raid boss before Halloween.

Considering Giratina in both formes has been around for some time in Pokémon GO, there are plenty of great teams that can be thrown together within a five-star raid against the dangerous Dragon-type.

The Best Pokémon GO Counters For Altered Forme Giratina Raids

Altered Forme Giratina has two formes, which are Origin and Altered. They both have the same typing to worry about with Ghost and Dragon-type. That means there are no super effective types against Giratina, but there are five effective counter types to choose from.

  • Rayquaza - Dragon Tail (Fast Attack) + Outrage (Charge Attack)
  • Mega Gengar - Shadow Claw (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Garchomp - Dragon Tail (Fast Attack) + Outrage (Charge Attack)
  • Dialga - Dragon Breath (Fast Attack) + Draco Meteor (Charge Attack)
  • Darkrai - Snarl (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Palkia - Dragon Tail (Fast Attack) + Draco Meteor (Charge Attack)
  • Shadow Dragonite - Dragon Tail (Fast Attack) + Outrage (Charge Attack)
  • Galarian Darmanitan - Ice Fang (Fast Attack) + Avalanche (Charge Attack)

Once the battle against Altered Forme Giratina is over, trainers are rewarded with Premier Balls based on performance. Faction damage and friends in the raid will effect how many are given. Make sure to use effective curveball throws and berries to maximize the catch chance.

Best Giratina Altered Forme Moveset In Pokémon GO

Giratina in the Altered Forme isn't as good as Origin for PvE, but is fantastic in Ultra or Master League PvP. Pokémon GO players have some great options in the Giratina moveset.

Fast Attack: Shadow Claw

There are only two Fast Attack options, with the other being Dragon Breath. They are both good, but Shadow Claw will gain more energy with nearly the same damage output.

Charge Attack: Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak

Dragon Claw is the clear first choice for Giratina in Pokémon GO. It has some amazing charge times that allow the move to be fired off frequently. On top of that, the move has STAB which allows for far more damage.

Shadow Sneak is another great move with STAB that can charge fairly fast. Ancient Power is the only other option, and it just doesn't stack up against the first two charge moves.

Best of luck to any Pokémon GO trainers using Altered Forme Giratina in player battles or within raids!

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