Pokémon GO Genesect Counters, Raid, Moveset, And More

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Spooky season is upon us in Pokémon GO, and the next part of the Season of Mischief brings Genesect into the mix. The Mythical Pokémon will appear in five-star raids along with other scary raid bosses in October.

Starting on October 1, Genesect will appear in Pokémon GO five-star raids to initiate the Halloween season. After a couple of weeks, Giratina will replace Genesect to continue the spooky theme in Pokémon GO. However, Genesect will surely appear within raids in future events.


With that in mind, it's always good to study up on a tough raid boss such as Genesect, counters and weaknesses are good to know before taking on the mythical insectoid.

The Best Pokémon GO Counters For Genesect Raids

Genesect is a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon which makes it pretty strong against most of the type matchups in Pokémon GO. But there is one type that does a ton of damage, and that is Fire.

  • Reshiram - Fire Fang (Fast Attack) + Overheat (Charge Attack)
  • Darmanitan - Fire Fang (Fast Attack) + Overheat (Charge Attack)
  • Mega Charizard - Fire Spin (Fast Attack) + Blast Burn (Charge Attack)
  • Chandelure - Fire Spin (Fast Attack) + Overheat (Charge Attack)
  • Blaziken - Fire Spin (Fast Attack) + Blast Burn (Charge Attack)
  • Entei - Fire Fang (Fast Attack) + Overheat (Charge Attack)
  • Heatran - Fire Spin (Fast Attack) + Flamethrower (Charge Attack)
  • Flareon - Fire Spin (Fast Attack) + Overheat (Charge Attack)

Once Genesect is taken down, a number of Premier Balls will be rewarded based on performance like damage or friends. Make sure to use berries and throw effective curve balls to catch the Mythical Pokémon.

Best Genesect Moveset In Pokémon GO

There aren't too many moves to choose from on Genesect and each can have its place in an effective moveset. But one charge attack will typically need to be left behind.


Fast Attack: Metal Claw

While Metal Claw won't gain energy as fast as Fury Cutter, it's still a better option. It does significantly more damage, and Steel-type attacks have always been strong options in Pokémon or Pokémon GO.

Charge Attack: Magnet Bomb and Hyper Beam

For the priority charge attack, Magnet Bomb is an easy choice. Not only can the move be consistently fired off, but it has STAB through the Steel-typing.

If there's enough Genesect candy for a second charge attack, then Hyper Beam is a great compliment. The attack is Normal-type and won't have STAB, but it can be used as a great nuke-type move in raids or in battles.

With any luck, many players can capture their own Genesect and have a great moveset ready for the next set of scary raid bosses.