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Each month there is a list of events to look forward to in Pokemon GO, and the July 2021 list of spotlight hour Pokemon looks brings players back to the Kanto region.

Starter Pokemon from Generation 1 in the Kanto Region are the main focus of the spotlight hours for July 2021. Players can expect to see Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle in subsequent weeks. After the starters, the month will close with a Natu spotlight hour.

The first spotlight will take place on July 6 on a Tuesday night per usual. Players can expect the usual bonuses that come along with every spotlight hour during the week, such as double catch XP or double candy per catch.

Pokemon GO spotlight hours for July 2021

In July 2021, there are four total spotlight hours. Depending on the month there are typically four or five that get announced. As usual, each one will take place on a Tuesday night at 6 pm local time and they end at 7 pm local time.

Pokemon GO July 2021 spotlight hours

  • Bulbasaur - July 6 - twice the XP for catching Pokemon
  • Charmander - July 13 - twice the candy for catching Pokemon
  • Squirtle - July 20 - twice the candy for transferring Pokemon
  • Natu - July 27 - twice the XP for evolving Pokemon

During the spotlight hours, the featured Pokemon will spawn in the wild at far higher rates. Many players take the opportunity to get a new evolution or look for a shiny due to the sheer amount of the same Pokemon.

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