Atlus Are Planning Seven New Projects For Persona's 25th Anniversary

Persona's 25th Anniversary celebrations will see Atlus reveal seven new projects. Kicking off in September 2021, Atlus' confirmed these announcements for their acclaimed JRPG series are being revealed across a full year, starting in September 2021 until Autumn next year.

However, there's no hints as to what these projects could be and it's worth noting this doesn't guarantee each project is a game, as Persona's previously seen numerous adaptations. However, a Persona 3 PC port was heavily rumoured after Persona 4 Golden's Steam re-release, alongside speculation about Persona 5 Royal coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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Atlus Plan Seven New Projects For Persona's 25th Anniversary

Chances are, we could finally see Persona 6 announced during this. As noted by fan site Persona Central, one set of anniversary merchandise featuring all major protagonists includes a "secret" panel, which could be teasing the next entry.

Since 2020, we've seen numerous Persona entries arrive in the West. Not long after Persona 5 Royal came to PS4, Persona 4 Golden saw a surprise Steam release, and that's not forgetting Persona 5 Strikers' earlier this year. Having hit 15 million sales recently, it isn't surprising Atlus are in a celebratory mood. Hopefully, we'll get further answers in September.

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