Rumour: Persona 3 Portable’s Getting a Multiplatform Remaster

Persona 3 Portable could be getting remastered, according to new leaks. Following Atlus' announcement that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming to PS4, Switch, and PC next March, rumours soon followed about P3P getting a multiplatform remaster.

These rumours came from known leaker Zippo, who'd previously spilled the leaks for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax last July. As seen on Zippo's website, the last paragraph simply read as:

Oh, and Persona 3 Portable is getting a remaster. Multiplatform.

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Rumour: Persona 3 Portable’s Getting a Multiplatform Remaster

Considering Zippo's claims about Ultimax were proven true, there's a good chance this newly leaked information is legitimate, and might be one of the seven projects in Persona's 25th-anniversary line-up. Judging by Atlus' previous release pattern for Ultimax and Persona 5 Strikers, we'd speculate it'll arrive on PS4, Switch, and PC too.

Persona 3 Portable originally launched on PSP back in 2011, removing "The Answer" epilogue from the PS2's Persona 3 FES, but featuring new social links and the option to swap to a female protagonist. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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