Wildermyth: How to Get Wings

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Getting wings for your character in Wildermyth is a big deal; physical transformations are common, but a huge pair of usable wings is rare and come only come about as parts of certain events. We’ll show you how to get wings in Wildermyth here and the specific circumstances needed to get them.

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How to Get Wings in Wildermyth

There are four kinds of wings that players can get in Wildermyth: crow wings, hawk wings, drauven wings and teeny wings. Each of these come about through different events, but it’s important to know that even if you fulfil the correct circumstances for the event to occur, there’s no guarantee. We’ll walk you through them all below.

Crow Wings

Crow wings can be obtained through the random event called As the Crow Flies. This has a chance to trigger before any combat encounter on characters with the “Mysterious” hook and a very high Bookish score (at least 200). When speaking to the mysterious woman, choose the following response:

  • “You feel like a part of me. Yes, I’m in.”

The character will then become Crowtouched. There is a 50% chance that they’ll get the wings, or a 50% chance that they’ll get a crow’s head to replace their own. Both these transformations are permanent.

Drauven Wings

To unlock the Drauven Wings, players will need to win a battle against Drauven in which one of the enemies is a Pilot Nobylle, and have an eligible character with a maxed-out Bookish score. Once the battle is over, there is a chance the Featherless Flight event will begin. If it does, choose this dialogue:

  • “This will take my smarts and your magic, working together.”

There will be a dice roll that follows, but if passed, your character will have mechanical Drauven Wings.

Wildermyth wings
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Hawk Wings

You can get Hawk Wings in the Dreams of Icarus event, which has a chance to trigger after you win a battle against Drauven enemies, in a Swamp biome, with one of those enemies being a Skysinger. Eligible characters will have high Leader, Greedy or Hothead scores. When the event begins, pick the dialogue choice that says the following:

  • “I heard him say the “blessing.” Light ‘er up!”

There’s no guarantee, however. There are three possible outcomes (determined randomly), but one of them will be your character gaining Hawk Wings.

Teeny Wings

You actually get Teeny Wings the exact same way you get Hawk Wings, making the same choice in the Dreams of Icarus event, but there’s also a chance you get the Teeny Wings instead. These wings basically have no effect and are purely ornamental.

What Do Wings Do in Wildermyth?

Wings in Wildermyth (aside from the Teeny Wings) give the affected character a speed boost of 1.4 and unlock the Fly action, which allows characters to move over obstacles as though they weren’t there. It’s a very good ability to have in combat, allowing you to move into or out of danger easily, and the boosted speed means you’ll arrive wherever you’re going all the quicker.

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