Wildermyth: What is the Stunt Stat?

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A lot of your character’s stats in Wildermyth seem self-explanatory, but one of the more confusing ones is Stunt, the purpose of which isn’t always clear. We’ll lay out what the Stunt stat is, how it can be used in combat to great effect, and how to raise your stunt ability accordingly.

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What is the Stunt Stat in Wildermyth?

The Stunt stat in Wildermyth is a variation of the “critical hit chance” that can come up in many games, boosting the likelihood that any of your attacks will do extra damage (the amount of damage itself will vary according to the specific attack). Not only that, but certain abilities and powers are dependent on, or triggered by, the Stunt ability. For example, if two characters are rivals, one of them doing extra damage from the Stunt stat will boost the Stunt chances of the other (what with them being competitive); or certain weapons will have additional effects that trigger on Stunt attacks.

How to Raise the Stunt Stat

There’s a lot of ways to raise the Stunt stat in Wildermyth, some of which we’ve laid out below for you to try:

  • Equip certain weapons and armour (you can check their stat boosts when you find them)
  • Increase your weapon tier
  • Have two characters in the party with a Rivalry or similar relationship
  • Choose the “Bard” ability for any of your warriors when they level up
  • Make certain social/tactical choices before entering combat (usually those that emphasise roguish qualities - confidence, brashness, cunning, competitiveness and showmanship)

If you want to know some of the great abilities that Stunts can trigger, you should try and get a weapon enchanted with elemental power by a spirit. We’ll show you how to get one at our guide here.