Wildermyth: How to Craft and Upgrade Weapons and Armour

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Weapons and armour are vital parts of Wildermyth, your heroes in serious danger if they can’t get the right upgraded equipment to keep themselves going. We’ll show you how to craft and upgrade weapons and armour in Wildermyth here, as well as enchanting them through special random events.

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How to Craft Weapons and Armour in Wildermyth

To craft weapons and armour in Wildermyth, players need to head to any of the towns or villages in whatever map they’re in. There’ll be a marker on the map of a small house - select that region, and the option to “craft” will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select that and it’ll come up with a menu of all the weapons and armour you can craft, as well as what character you want to craft them for.

Crafting an item requires certain materials - ingots, fabrics, hide, etc - that vary according to what it is you’re crafting. If you don’t have the materials, you can pay for the remaining material cost with Legacy Points. Every piece of material you don’t have will cost another Legacy Point - so if you have everything you need except for three ingots and two fabrics, you’ll need to spend five Legacy Points to make the difference.

You choose which character gets the item when you craft it (by selecting that character from the options on the left). The item must go to that character, and cannot be given to another, so make sure you’ve chosen right.


Crafting Weapons and Armour

Once you’ve made the choice, you’ll need to send a single party member to that village to craft the item, occupying them for a certain amount of the time depending on the equipment type and level (though it’s rarely more than a month). Once finished, it’ll automatically go to the selected character.

Wildermyth weapon armour upgrade craft

How to Enchant Weapons and Capture Spirits

During certain combat encounters, players will be told that there are spirits in the area, small, non-hostile entities who will leave the battlefield within a certain amount of turns. They might not immediately be visible, so you would have to explore the area a little to see where they are. They look like small, colourful sprites wearing masks, but their other colours and features will change drastically according to their element.


To enchant a weapon, you simply need to move whatever character is holding the weapon in question within a single square of the spirit. You’ll get a brief sequence of dialogue where you can choose which weapon you want enchanted (if the character is holding more than one), or if you want to forgo in favour of getting a Legacy Point. Either way, once you’re done the spirit will disappear and your weapon will be modified permanently.

Spirit Weapon Enchantment Types

  • Fire - Damages up to three nearby enemies when hero stunts
  • Leaf - Grants two temporary HP when the hero stunts
  • Water - Refunds an action point when the hero stunts (once per turn)
  • Stone - Shreds one armour point on the enemy and pins all others within 2 tiles.

How to Find Weapons and Armour

Aside from crafting, certain random encounters can cause players to discover weapons, armour and equipment, as well as the occasional plot point in whatever campaign you’re in (for example, those playing the starting campaign will get a powerful spear halfway through as part of the plot). However, there’s no easy way to trigger these random events, so we just suggest taking every story opportunity given to you, and if there’s a treasure chest at any point; give it a prod!