Overwatch 2 PS5 login error codes - How to fix launch issues

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
October 4, 2022: If you're having trouble logging into Overwatch 2 right now, the below pointers from the initial beta still stand. Check out our Overwatch 2 servers page for console-agnostic server error code fixes.

Like any good online game release an Overwatch 2 PS5 login error appears to be dampening the spirits of the game's beta hopefuls on Sony's next-gen platform. If you're struggling to get a few rounds in on your lunch break, you'll want to keep reading for a Overwatch 2 PS5 login error fix that should get you back into the fight.

The fix doesn't shine a good light on a game scheduled to come out in a few months after years of relative silence for a AAA sequel, but the hope remains that the issue will get patched out soon.

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How to Fix the Overwatch 2 PS5 Login Error

Though we haven't had a moment to test it ourselves - despite being hit with the error as well - Twitter user Aimee P (@Yrrubsllip) chimed into a thread with Blizzard Customer Support with a supposed fix, which originally looks to have come from a post by a hero on Reddit by the name of u/Few-Manufacturer

In the message, they claim that downloading the PS4 version of the Overwatch 2 beta is the answer to the Overwatch 2 PS5 login error. This, for now, has to be done through the PlayStation app on your phone, though.

The phone version of the store shows both PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, whereas PS5 players only see the native version on the console's dashboard. So, by using the app to download the PS4 version to a PS5, you'll circumvent the login issues that appear to only be affecting that specific version of the game. Easy enough, right?

Downloading an entire game again is never the best-case scenario, but it's certainly not the first time it's been recommended to PS5 users.

Back when the console first launched, it actually preferred downloading PS4 versions of games on its own accord, prompting people to wonder why they didn't look all that better on the new hardware. Even years later, the new machines aren't without their headaches, and this Overwatch 2 PS5 login error is proof of that.

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