Escape from Tarkov 12.12 Patch Update: Release Time Today, Server Wipe, Pre Event, Lighthouse Map, and All You Need To Know

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Battlestate Games are preparing Escape from Tarkov's upcoming Update 12.12. Within this, players can expect new features and gameplay changes, while a new map is also coming to the game soon. Lastly, another wipe event is expected with this fresh update. Here's everything you need to know about this next massive update to Escape From Tarkov.

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Latest News

12 December 2021 -

[9am] - As per Battlestate Games: "The installation of patch 0.12.12 has begun. There will be a wipe with the patch. The game will be completely unavailable for approximately 4 hours. Thank you for your understanding" Hopefully we should see 12.12 released by roughly 1pm GMT.

[8am] - Patch 12.12 is imminent and coming today along with the next server wipe. Stay tuned for official info from Battlestate Games in the next few hours. 12.12 Patch Notes have now been shared.

11 December 2021 -

Battlestate Games has implemented a new event ahead of the 12.12 Update dropping. Essentially they have temporarily shut down the Flea Market and simultaneously made LABS free to enter.

10 December 2021 -

Battlestate Games has released a new trailer today, giving fans a look at the upcoming Lighthouse map. While the first iteration won't feature bosses or the in-raid trader, they'll be implemented within a second iteration during 2022. You can find out more below.

9 December 2021 -

Battlestate Games has issued a new blog post regarding Day 3 of the Pre-Wipe events for Update 12.12. That'll feature all bosses on Interchange (Shturman, Killa, Reshala, Sanitar, Glukhar, Tagilla and their guards) with a "100% spawn rate." You can find them in these locations:

  • Shturman: IDEA Underground Parking
  • Reshala: 2nd Floor Mid-mall
  • Sanitar: OLI Underground Parking
  • Tagilla: IDEA
  • Killa: OLI
  • Glukhar: Goshan

8 December 2021 -

Battlestate Games has confirmed that a trailer for the new upcoming Patch 0.12.12 in Escape from Tarkov.

"Get ready for new location, new hardcore features, new weapons and many other things!"

The trailer is coming on December 9 at 8pm.

7 December 2021 -


There are a few rumours going around that the game's flea market could be about to close (see below), so it could be worth stocking up on items.

6 December 2021 -

Although Battlestate Games hasn't officially confirmed When The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe will take place, they are making all manner of signals to suggest one is about to take place.


The latest comes in the form of multiple bosses now roaming onto different maps out of the blue.

Release Date

According to Battlestate Games' Instagram, players "already know when the 12.12 release will be." Based on the Update's name, this release is likely dropping on December 12, 2021.

Many players are already excited and preparing for the changes that'll arrive in this update.

Escape From Tarkov Update 12.12
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Escape From Tarkov Update 12.12

Incoming Content

Battlestate Games are adjusting gameplay systems and introducing new features for Update 12.12. A new map is coming, Lighthouse, which is filled with a lush forest and a beach area.

They'll also introduce inertia systems in Escape From Tarkov, encouraging players to engage with others reasonably. First person shooter tricks like jiggle peeking, strafing, and jump shooting can leave opponents at a disadvantage. Accordingly, this inertia system could enforce greater commitment in aiming to gun down your foes.

A new malfunction system provides leverage for players to keep well-maintained weapons, as these will get progressively worse when durability drops. Lastly, a VOIP feature is being added, allowing players to use voice chat publicly in the game. This feature could help players relay commands and even use their voice tactically to distract or negotiate with other players.

Pre Wipe Event

Update 12.12 also has a wipe, and Battlestate Games are running pre-wipe events right now. The wipe dates are believed to be on December 12th and 24th, but no official announcements have been made.

Prior to the first wipe date, new boss spawns and increased rates have been confirmed for December 6. According to's findings, here are the new spots to visit when hunting down these bosses:

  • Reshala now found in Reserve at 48% spawn rate
  • Tagrilla now found at Interchange at 45% spawn rate
  • Shturman now found at Shoreline at 52% spawn rate
  • Sanitar now found in Customs at 46% spawn rate
  • Glukhar now found in LABS at 70% spawn rate
  • Killa now found on Factory at 40% spawn rate
  • Raiders now found on Woods at 65% spawn rate
  • Cultists now show up at Factory during the night at 13% spawn rate

So far, these spawns could stay around up until the wipe happens. For now, players who want to fight these bosses can look around in their new stomping grounds, as they've been removed in their previous spots.

When more official updates, leaks, or any new information related about Escape from Tarkov Update 12.12 show up, we'll be sure to inform you about them.