Overwatch 2 Beta Countdown: Start Time, How to Play, and More

Overwatch 2 Beta Countdown: Start Time, How to Play, and More

Overwatch had a pretty impressive launch back in May 2016. It managed to bring something new to the hero shooter genre, taking many of the aspects of classic online shooters and blending it with a unique aesthetic. If you're looking to find out the Overwatch 2 Beta Start Time and more, this is what you should know.

As you might expect, your access to the beta may be a little staggered. Here's how it works.

If you want to know all about the Overwatch 2 release date, this is what you should know. If you already know this and you're waiting to get in for yourself, here is the best monitor for Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 Beta Start Time

The Overwatch 2 beta is now live, as of June 28. You can play it for yourself at the following times:

  • 11 am PDT
  • 1 pm CT
  • 2 pm EDT
  • 7 pm BST
  • 8 pm CEST

This has been hinted at for some time and is due to last for just a handful of weeks. It started on June 28 and ends on July 18. This will give the game a few months to reflect on community insights on the beta for the official launch on October 4.

How to Play the Overwatch 2 Beta

As of right now, can no longer sign up for access to the beta. Previously you could go to the site via this link, then click "Request Beta Access".

This then got you to click on your platform and link your Blizzard account. Once this is done, you should receive an email if your request was successful. By the time the beta ends, everyone who has requested access should be able to play the game.

What is in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 signifies the game's swap to a free-to-play game. It will carry across your progression from the first game, and will be accessible from any platform. Season 1, starting October 4, will get you:

  • 3 new heroes
  • 6 new maps
  • 30 new skins
  • Battle pass
  • Mythic skin
  • New game mode

Season 2 is then set to go live on December 6. This will bring tonnes of new things to the game like:

  • A new tank hero
  • A new map
  • 30 new skins
  • New battle pass
  • New mythic skin

This is setting up the life of the game well. It seems like we will get a new season at the start of every second month, usually coming with a new map, new battle pass and some extras to shake up the current meta.

As well as that, PvE experiences are being added to the game from the start of 2023 onwards. This will give you and some friends new ways of earning skins and levelling up without having to take down opponents. It is unsure how this will work just yet but we can expect something big.

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