Outriders Weakness Effect: Here’s What Weakness Does to Your Enemies

Outriders can be a pretty difficult game to get the hang of at first. Unless you’re making the most of your skills, and the status effects your weapons inflict, you’re likely to be overpowered by enemies. Because of this, it’s handy to know what each status does, so that you know exactly what kind of damage you’re dealing to your foes. In this Outriders Weakness Status Effect Explained guide we’ll be focusing on Weakness. We’ll outline what it does, and how to increase your Weakness effects.

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Outriders Weakness Explained

Weakness is an effect in Outriders that you can deal to your enemies. It can also be inflicted on you. It is described as follows:

  • Weakness - decreases damage dealt by 30% for 6 seconds

Weakness is best used on bosses, and enemies that deal a lot of damage with each hit. It’s useful for levelling the field a bit, given you can apply it to groups of enemies before moving in for an attack.

How to Increase Weakness Effects

Much like other status effects in Outriders, Weakness is applied to weapons, armour and skills via mods. You can also invest Class Points in certain skills that will boost your weakness effects. Head to Zaheedi to craft mods that focus on weakness to make it the focus of the build that you are running.

That’s all you need to know about Weakness in Outriders. There’s plenty more Outriders guides right here on Gfinity eSports. To find all of our guides in one place, head here. For a look at what we thought of Outriders visit our Outriders Review.

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