Outriders: How to Use Autoloot

Outriders is the latest title from developers Square Enix

There's a lot about Outriders that seems very familiar, but there are numerous new features that make it stand out from other open-world RPG's

How to Enable Autoloot

To enable autoloot, head over to your settings menu by pressing start. From here you'll want to access the gameplay settings. 

There are a bunch of different options here, but you can simply enable autoloot from the menu provided here.

Autoloot Settings 

Alongside enabling autoloot you'll also find a host of different settings so you can specify the which loot is valuable to you. 

For example, you can specify which type of loot rarity you want the Autoloot to focus on. This is very helpful when progressing towards the end game as you won't want the lower level loot. 

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You can set it so you recieve all the loot dropped, but this can end up being frustrating when you have a haul of loot that isn't useful to you.

Is Autoloot good?

As mentioned above, Autoloot can sometimes be frustrating, but with the right settings it can work in your favour most of the time. 

For this reason, we recommend always having it on with your specified preferences and updating your settings as you progress through the game. 

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