Outriders 1.09 Update - Everything We Know So Far

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UPDATED with confirmed patch notes as of 3 June 2021.

Original Story - Outriders developer People Can Fly has been continually working to squash bugs in the loot-shooter since it launched on April 1st.


Despite the issues, the devs have done a great job of rolling out regular updates and hotfixes to get the game up to speed.

Typically we've seen at least one update released every week, so it stands to reason we'll see yet more updates for the game in May 2021.

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Patch 1.08 dropped recently, and we've got the first info on Patch 1.09 below.

Outriders 1.09 Update Confirmed

In a new update on the game's subreddit, the devs confirmed that the next patch will be working on damage reduction and legendary drop rates, and balancing.

The long-awaited Player Appreciation Package, intended to thank players for their support during the game's turbulent first month, is also being tested.

Outriders 1.09 Early Patch Notes

As per the game's subreddit:

Next Patch:

Our next patch is currently undergoing testing, with the intent to release in the latter half of next week. We’ll confirm this next week when testing wraps up. We will share specific patch notes with its release.


We know that our previous patch took uncomfortably long to release, but we do hope to be able to be patching the game much more frequently now.

Player Appreciation Package

This is currently undergoing testing and I will share more news around this as soon as we have a confirmed go live date.

The tech for this package is based on the restoration script we used, but needed additional coding as we are, for example, attempting to ensure that players would only receive a Legendary Weapon that they previously did not obtain.

Known Issues & Issues still being investigated:

Trolls kicking other players at the end of Expeditions

An upcoming patch will implement a feature that prevents players from engaging in this antisocial behaviour.


issues

Our latest patch implemented additional telemetry which will give us a better insight into the specific issues certain players might be facing. This telemetry will help us understand at what specific point of the process the sign in for these players fails.

Multiplayer connectivity issues related to rubberbanding and lag

An upcoming patch will implement better region-based matchmaking in order to improve the quality of connections players experience in MP. This may lead to an initially longer wait for matchmaking to connect, but the sessions should then better of a better quality. Players from different regions may still be matched after a certain period of time has passed.

We are continuing to work on improving the multiplayer experience beyond this change as well, so please treat this as just one of an ongoing series of steps to improve this experience.

Crashes and Memory Leaks

Upcoming patches will continue to address occurrences of these and improve the overall stability of the game.


Outriders 1.09 CONFIRMED Patch Notes (June 3)

  • Implemented a block that prevents players from kicking other players towards the end of an Expeditions session.
  • Implemented Region Based Matchmaking to improve the quality of multiplayer connections.
  • Updated the login signing in text to better reflect the current signing in process step.
  • Fixed crash and memory leak issues.
  • Players can expect more frequent updates as we look to make the best possible Outriders experience.